Hosting a Joomla Blog on Google Cloud Platform

I recently decided to start blogging about my experience in cloud computing and cloud networking. Joomla was the first CMS solution that I considered.

After some research, I decided to create this blog on Google Compute Engine – which turned out to be quite easy. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Deployment Manager makes it easy to launch and deploy the Joomla stack on a compute engine. The diagram below shows the setup.

Diagram Components

1) Deploy the marketplace Joomla solution using the Deployment Manager
2) The Deployment Manager creates necessary firewall rules to allow http, https and other protocols
3) A Compute Engine instance hosting the Joomla stack is deployed
4) (Optional) Create a Storage Bucket for images & other content referenced in the Joomla application
5) (Optional) Create a DNS record for the website


Here is a short video that illustrates setting up Joomla on GCP using the Deployment Manager.



1) On the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console select Tools > Deployment Manager

2) Select Deploy Cloud Launcher Solution

3) Search for Joomla and select any deployment option. I used Google Click to Deploy


4) Launch the deployment pack and follow the wizard. It’s straightforward and descriptive

This estimated cost depends on the VM instance type selected. By default this deployment used VM instance: 1 vCPU + 3.75 GB memory (n1-standard-1). You can change the VM instance size depending on your requirements. I prefer to use a small size whilst testing and setting up the blog, and then increase to a larger size when ready to publish. See image below for the VM instance selection after you have clicked on ‘Launch on Compute Engine’.

5) Click on Deploy and follow the wizard through to the end. You will then be presented with a link to log into your Joomla administrator panel.

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